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Love. Is. Pain.

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This community is for all the people who just have the worst luck when it comes to love. In here, you can talk about your past relationships, your relationships with friends, problems etc. You can ask for advice, or give it if you want =) You can post your favorite love poems, or poems you wrote and you can post lyrics too. The mods, loser_behind xoldscratchx curse_the_sun team_xtreme23 and axsolitaryxrose are fed up with all this love crap, and that's what the title of the community's about. You can talk about how much you like this guy, but he doesn't even know you exist, as long as you don't have a boyfriend. Okay, we've decided that you can have a boyfriend, because one of the mods do... but please, please don't talk about how much you love him, in here at least... but we know everyone needs a little advice on relationships as well, so here's a place.

We all hate rules, but sometimes you just gotta have 'em.
1.) We do not tolerate racists and homophobic people. If you have a problem with someone, leave the community.
2.) No flaming. We don't need little fights here.
3.) You can't talk about your current boyfriend or girlfriend (in the lovey-dovey manner). You can talk about ex's, but we don't need to know how wonderful your girl is. Why'd you join in the first place? Get your ass outta here!

Yep. Not to hard to follow I hope ;)

Please fill out this little application also, thankies.

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Where did you here us from?:
What do youthink about love?: