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Green Day [28 Apr 2009|10:50pm]

Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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second opinions [15 Apr 2007|08:55pm]

First off, I will say that I am generally against relationships at my age.  So I have slightly liked this girl for a while but only recently developed stronger feelings.  Because of a previous experience, I have promised myself not to get involved or even start down that path.  And I have been successful at it.  But before i commit myself to saying 'no' for the (forseeable) future, I would like to hear about what could options I would be crossing off as a result of this.  It isn't an extremely intense liking, But it is really strong when I am around her and have nothing to occupy my mind.  If I just say no to myself constantly, then it passes.  I really want to get to know her better (prelude to going out), but have just told myself 'no' because of my thoughts on relationships in highschool.
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Leaving... [19 Oct 2006|11:05pm]

I really like this place but I'm leaving all the groups I've joined 'cause I want my LJ to be a ghost-account.
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join [19 Oct 2006|02:54pm]

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[19 Jul 2006|05:30pm]

I think that these lyrics pretty much sum up what love does to most people.

The Beast
Concrete Blonde

The prey of the beast screamed
Bloody murder
The line is so fine between
Hoping and hurting
Former believers they beg for release
As love looking down on them
Smiles and picks his teeth
Trapped in between heaven and hell
He knows all the secrets
you don't want to tell
Theres nowhere to run and theres
Nowhere to hide
Love knows you all too well
He will find you

Love is the ghost haunting your head
Love is the killer you thought
Was your friend
Love is the creature who lives
In the dark
Sneaks up, will stick you
And painfully pick you apart

Love is a poet, love sings the songs
Pointing his finger you follow along
Voice are calling,
The monster wants out of you
Paws you and claws you, you try not to fall

Love is the leech, sucking you up
Love is a vampire, drunk on your blood
Love is the beast that will
Tear out your heart
Hungrily lick it and
Painfully pick it apart

Love is the leech, sucking you up
Love is a vampire, drunk on your blood
Love is the beast that will
Tear out your heart
Hungrily lick it and
Painfully pick it apart

Love is a ghost, haunting your head
Love is the killer you thought
Was your friend
Love is the preacher who lives in the dark
Sneak up and stick you
And painfully pick you apart
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[11 Jun 2006|10:00pm]

Name:Ian Wilson
Location: Wilmington, NC
5 Favorite Bands: REM, Radiohead, Concrete Blonde, The Smiths, Scrawl
Favorite Movie(s): james bond-just lookat my username
Favorite Book(s): michael chriction books
Hobbies: ratting on things i find stupid or a waste of time
Where did you here us from?: i searched intrests for 'anti-love'
What do youthink about love?: its great when you find it (if you find it) and its overrated by some. and i have this motto about love going 'love is for suckers..unless you get lucky'. i also failed miserably on my first and only attempt at love (8th grade) and now gladly avoid the l word.

so i love to screw around with html from quiz results and the like. i probably deep down dream of love, like how nice it would be, but when i look back on my past, i know that most dont last long (the first girl i liked was terrible-at one point i was told she went through 2 bf's in 3 weeks). i know how addictive love can be once you find it and before you are brought to reality by rejection or find out just how horrible the person really is. frankly, if you are not careful, love can turn you to mush for a few days. but then you are brought back to reality and realize how STUPID you acted. i take a realistic approach to love, not a romantic which means that i know that true, mutual, lasting love is very hard to find, and some dont find it at all.

(some secret love secrets)

i hardly ever talk about this event that took about a trimeester to unfold, and even now i wont give specifics. i basically knew this girl..some, but enough to generally know her. *metnally censors about half of the entire episode* after we had talked and understood each others positions. so i was about to move away, and on the last night ever at some party, i figured, that id ask her to dance, figuring that if things went bad, i would never have to see her again after an hour or so. so i was delaying, and my friend told her my..indecisiveness issue (at this point she was basically finding my actions and feelings 'cute' and was just harmlessly playing along, just to be nice), I FORGOT TO FREAKING SWALLOW and almost choked on some water when i first began to ask her, but the worst part was i look so stupid out there. im not really a dancer at ALL, so i was A. had realized this was not fun B. new it couldnt back out yet, simply to preserve whatever was left of my self respect C. that i had to back out soon , make it look purposeful, yet look like i enjoyed it. so i spilled my guts tonight-i am complete (lol)
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[28 May 2006|08:05am]

Oh, and according to my second-to-last entry, I hate alot of songs for their messages, like Kelly Clarkson's 'Miss Independant.'

Yeah, I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson's song 'Miss Independent,' and I gotta say...not one of my favorites from her.
My synopsis of the song: ...So basically she went from a self-willed rebel to a blonde.
See where things go horribly, horribly wrong here. It is possible that I'm just paranoid, however.
'Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no
Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne
So, by keeping her heart protected
She'd never ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love'
...So now she's fallen in love, she's gonna be afraid and co-dependent? What is she trying to communicate, here?
[And, BTW, I saw the music video when I was younger: it features Kelly and some overly done guy making out multiple times in doorways and corners while people rush past them...I don't like when people confuse sex with love. Unfortunately, people nowadays confuse sex for lots of stuff.
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[28 May 2006|07:44am]

My biggest pet-peeve is when people act completely illogical and call it "love." It seems like the world's convinced sex and co-dependance combined is the same as love, but it's not, and the fact is ANYONE with no backbone and a functioning drive can conjure the illuson.
I remember being in kindergarden and my dad saying those three words "I love you" nonstop--Of course, with my dad, those words really mean "I'm in a Depression now and want to use my own daughter for pity." Alike..? Pfft, he had no idea what he was talking about. ANYWAY--and I'd always not want to answer because, as I put it, "I don't know what it MEANS..! I feel guilty saying if I don't know what it MEANS!" I just came to the conclusion as a late kindergardener that "love" means to do good acts that don't benefit yourself and not to put yourself first. I then and there decided I would be Zena, the warrior princess, and always be kind: I let people win games most of the time, every time I got a barbie from those cheapscates who went to my birthday after birthday and nothing else [grr] I would just smile and thank the ground they walked on, I gave myself one of those life-long subconscious notes to myself to always be open-minded, etc., etc...I gave up on "love" completely at nine, when Dad's drinking was at it's peek [blamed everything on me in this wavery victimized voice], every single teacher, student, and helper thought I was a loon and would massage and hurt me [and rise above their lesson-plans, which meant I had to learn all those things much later in public school], and Bipolar combinded with the medication I was taking that my parents refused to lower combined with constantly gathered and suppressed chest-pains gave me dreams that only made me crazier [revert to first entry of journal for breif synopsis of a series of dreams I had at early twelve], and just the thought of the human race made the pain in my chest arise [and I know you think I'm kidding], and I figured if all emotions meant I was crazy, maybe I should question the philosophy of love...Love is blind. Love's actions are good, but love itself is as blind as any other stupid human thing.
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[25 Feb 2006|02:23pm]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

Shameless introduction post by a newbie that is fed up with all of the fake love going around between her friends.

Name: Kuro
Location: Illinois, USA
5 Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, HIM, Lacuna Coil, 10 Years, Disturbed, and oh so many more~
Favorite Movie(s): Se7en, The Butterfly Effect, Hide & Seek, Constantine, The Punisher, Gladiator, Darkness Falls, and a few more I can't name off the top of my head.
Favorite Book(s): Sons of the Dark series, Dante's Inferno, The Fall of Lucifer, The Book of Dead Days, and many more~
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, making graphics and websites, scaring people, and listening to my music.
Where did you here us from?: I just typed in the interests search, 'anti-love,' and this community popped up.
What do you think about love?: I really don't mind it if it's not fake, but in the world today, it's nearly always fake, and that is what pisses me off. I also hate when people brag about how they're going out with someone.

Goodbye to you

[07 Feb 2006|04:07pm]

yeah i know this place isn't active.. but im introducing myself anyway...

Name: Mich
5 Favorite Bands:faith and the muse,koffin kats,the shroud,mad sin,dark funeral
Favorite Movie(s): the waterboy, carrie..
Favorite Book(s):i like literature like Sigmund Freud, Dante Alighieri, and Poe
Hobbies: listening to music,making clothes
Where did you here us from?:..someone's lj
What do you think about love?:
It's not real. It's just chemicals and hormones in the brain mixed with insecurity and co-dependency issues... oh yeah and I FUCKIN HATE IT.
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