007freak (007freak) wrote in antixlovexclub,

second opinions

First off, I will say that I am generally against relationships at my age.  So I have slightly liked this girl for a while but only recently developed stronger feelings.  Because of a previous experience, I have promised myself not to get involved or even start down that path.  And I have been successful at it.  But before i commit myself to saying 'no' for the (forseeable) future, I would like to hear about what could options I would be crossing off as a result of this.  It isn't an extremely intense liking, But it is really strong when I am around her and have nothing to occupy my mind.  If I just say no to myself constantly, then it passes.  I really want to get to know her better (prelude to going out), but have just told myself 'no' because of my thoughts on relationships in highschool.
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